Foster Parent Resources
Help Serve Alaska by Providing Family and Child Centered Services With Unconditional Care.
Resources For Foster Parents

FCSA’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program often has openings for Foster Parents and/or Foster Group Home Parents. Some of the benefits include:
- Help kids and Foster a Future!
- Receive lots of support, respite, and training
- Be a stay-at-home Parent
- Be self-employed
- $1,500 Sign-On Bonus
- All income is tax-free

Step #1
For more information about FCSA’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program, the types of children we service and the process to become a Therapeutic Foster Parent for FCSA, download the handout below.
Download Handout
Step #2
If you are interested in applying to be a Therapeutic Foster Parent with FCSA, please complete the application below.‍
Download Application
Step #3
Email the completed FCSA Foster Care Application to or click the link below.
Email Application
For more information or questions, please contact
Miranda Schultz, FCSA Licensing Specialist, at (907) 474-0890 or email her at
Take a child into your home and into your heart and love them as if they were your own and then give them back. Foster care is not meant to keep families apart.
It’s different In a lot of ways than we thought and better in a lot of ways than we thought.  I'd say the first weekend that we got into it if you feel really overwhelmed and though it wasn't for us.
It's scary at first, you go from having a routine with your own kid and they know how things work and you get along really well and then all of a sudden you throw a curveball in there and have no idea what's going to happen.
It takes a really well-balanced strong person to be a foster parent and to truly believe in the value of fostering weather temporarily or over the long run.